Don't Skimp on Construction Preparation

Schedule our pre-construction services in Hamilton, MT

Want to ensure a solid start to your construction project? Wheeler Construction provides world-class pre-construction services in Hamilton, MT. With close to a decade of construction preparation experience under our belts, we have what it takes to get you ready to build.

We do everything from land clearing and leveling to road preparation and septic work. No matter what type of preparation your project requires, our team will work quickly and efficiently to ensure you're getting the highest quality work on our foundation prep, septic system installation, land leveling & road construction services!

Proper preparation leads to high-quality construction

Don't hire just anyone to handle your site preparation - turn to the experts at Wheeler Construction. Our team offers a wide variety of pre-construction services, including:

Foundation preparation

Ready for a stable foundation? We excavate and backfill where necessary.

Land clearing

Before you begin construction, we'll clear away any trees, stumps and shrubs.

Septic excavation

Choose our certified team for professional septic excavation and installation services.

Road preparation

Our team will dig, level and grade your new road as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why you should choose Wheeler Construction

Wheeler Construction is leading the way in pre-construction services in the Hamilton, MT area. No matter what project you hire us for, we'll put you first. You can expect our team to:

Perform high-quality work

Provide exceptional customer service

Tailor our services to fit your needs

Ready to get started? Reach out today for a free estimate on the service of your choosing.